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Our goal and passion is made possible by sponsorship's, Donations and Volunteers. What we also intend on doing at Veteran-Adventures is to help Veterans stay engaged in society; by providing support, training, counseling, and mentoring, to as many as we can reach.


We are of the mind that once Veterans have begun to feel the benefits of recreational activities and getting engaged with the community, they will want to continue doing so. If they are given unencumbered access to valuable resources, they can aid in the recovery of others by sharing their personal experiences. We also feel that if the men and women who have bravely served our country are more involved in the social development and advancement can produce positive outcomes in their lives as well as the communities in which they live.


By leveraging on our personal experiences and Community members support we can get many Veterans engaged in their own lives as well as with society. Northern California is just the beginning for our mission, and we know that we can’t accomplish it on our own. This is why your support in whatever form will be valuable and deeply appreciated.

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